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Bucket List – Visit 12 UK Cities In 12 Months!

Bristol1aYou might have heard me mention in an earlier post that I’ve recently put a Bucket List together? I was inspired by other Bucket Lists I’d read and suddenly it had dawned on me that I needed more adventure in my life. My Bucket List grew out of this idea and now runs to a list of about 40 things I want to experience, have and do! I guess I’ll need to post my full list up at some point, but for today, I’m going to write about my first Bucket List Inspired Adventure!

One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living.

Dale Carnegie

It started with the happy coincidence of the arrival of my birthday and the inevitable question of ‘what do you want for your birthday?’. It’s not often I yearn for a ‘thing’ for my birthday, if I need anything, like a lot of people I go out and buy it. Instead it’s more likely that I will want to do something and that usually means going out for a nice meal. But instead, this time I already had the beginnings of my Bucket List! I had an incomplete entry for ‘Visit xxx city’ that, with a little more thought had morphed into ‘visit 12 UK cities in 12 months’.

Wikipedia gave me lots of ideas for places to visit, in fact, far more than I expected as my ill-informed understanding had assumed that in order to be called a City, said city must have a cathedral. I now know that this condition relates only to cities recognised before 1888. However, I have since decided that the 12 cities I choose to visit must meet this condition.

So, with a little bit of research, a check on the budget and the amount of time we could be away the decision was made for my husband and I to spend two days in Bristol.Continue Reading

You Are The Owner

wisdomI felt the beginnings of a strop pulling at the edges of my awareness. The train was busy and the seat I’d reserved had been taken by someone else. What to do? Say nothing and simmer in quiet fury at the cheek of the man or assert myself and ask him to move? Neither option were appealing and both would leave me feeling agitated…

You own yourself, and that’s amazing. No one else gets to decide what’s in your head or how you react to life events and circumstances. No one gets to force feed you foods you don’t like or drinks you hate. No one gets to insist that you attend a particular event or even like a certain person.

No, all these and more are your choice, because you own yourself.Continue Reading

How I’m Using Affirmations To Become The Real Me

journeyThe thing I love about affirmations is the way they subtlety allow new and empowering truths to embed themselves into my mind. In using them, I gently become the person I want to be, or rather, the person I know I am. I’m continually surprised when a new behaviour naturally makes an appearance and I realise, on reflection, that I’ve been affirming it as part of my daily routine!

The adage goes that we need to take some time to find ourselves. We need to take time to find out what really makes us happy, what makes us sad, to find out where our passions lie, for work, for love, even for food (maybe this one is easier!). But is this really true? Do we really need to find ourselves?

I think there’s another way to think about this and that’s to consider the things we know, or better put, believe about ourselves. For example, if I believe that I am a shy person, is this really true? Will setting out on a journey of self-discovery enlighten me sufficiently to categorically confirm that I am indeed a shy person? Furthermore, even if I am able to determine that this is the case, will I like what I discover or will I be inclined to make changes so that I am no longer a shy person? Maybe being a shy person doesn’t sit well with my aspirations and I therefore perceive that there is a need for change.Continue Reading

You Have Eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty of these every year!

dolphinEight thousand, seven hundred and sixty.

Written like this, it sounds like a big number, maybe like there’s a lot of it. But if that’s the case, why do I never feel like I have enough time? 8,760 – that’s one year’s worth of hours! Where do they all go?

Is this your experience too? Whether I’m working or relaxing, there never seems to be enough time to fit everything that I want to do into my day. I always seem to end up rushing around and then come the end of the day I’m wondering what, if anything, productive or goal-oriented I’ve achieved.

Of course, it’s not that I can’t remember what I’ve been doing during the day, but sometimes I’m disappointed to conclude that the things which have been crossed off the list weren’t that important in the scheme of things anyway, and, to make things worse, they’ve not really contributed to my long-term plans.

I’ve recently gone through a process of reviewing and renewing my goals in an effort to gain more clarity and focus. This has been a very worthwhile use of time (thankfully!) and I now feel clear on my business goals for the next 3 -6 months. Continue Reading