The June Prize Draw Winner Is…!

June Winner

…the winner is…

Bonnie Geschwender!

Congratulations Bonnie, you are my June winner!

Your prize – Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is waiting for you to claim, so don’t waste any time, email me from the email address you used to sign up and let me know your postal address and your prize will be winging its way to you!

You have 14 days to claim your prize, so don’t delay!Continue Reading

12 Cities Challenge: Wells & Tyntesfield House

Wells_9Our trip to Wells and Tyntesfield House took place on the late May bank holiday Monday. We were lucky to have good weather, sunny but a little cool, which was fine. The trip was quite spontaneous in that the only plans we’d made up until that morning was that we were “going to have a day out”! We discussed a couple of places, but decided on Wells as it’s not too far away and we could easily incorporate a detour to Tyntesfield House near Bristol on the way.

Tyntesfield House

Tyntesfield turned out to be a beautiful and fascinating place to visit, especially as only just a few days before, we didn’t even know it existed! Tucked away in a rural setting a little north of Bristol, Tyntesfield House is a Victorian Grade I listed building, rocking the Gothic Revival style!

Bought in 2002 by the National Trust following a fundraising campaign, it is rumoured that Madonna and Kylie Minogue were also among the bidders, and I can see why. I sent this picture to my children on the day we visited with the caption “welcome to our new home”! Set in beautiful, mature, secluded grounds, the house seems to welcome you. It has a warm feeling about it and although impressive, it is not daunting.Continue Reading

May Goals Progress Report

May_ProgressWell, another month is now behind us and it’s time for my monthly review.

Here we go…

Personal Growth

Read 18 Good Books (31/12/15)

Progress 0 (Total so far = 2 of 18)

I’m still working my way through Tony Robbins’ ‘Unleash the Giant Within’ which I’ve now been reading for over a month. I think I’ve lost a little bit of momentum on this book, so the amount of time spent reading has decreased.  I think I might have mentioned in an earlier blog post that this book is over 400 pages, so I guess it’s going to take a bit of time (amongst everything else) to complete.

Attend a Personal Development Seminar (31/12/15) – COMPLETE!

I completed this goal in April, where you can find the update :)

Complete my Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Course (31/8/15)

Currently on hold.


Generate an extra £10,000 of income (31/12/15)

April Goal £300, Achieved £57.77 (Totals so far £405.56, Goal £900.00)

Another slow month on the money-making front, but there was a marginal increase over last month (£3.26!) Again, I’m happy for the upward movement in this goal, even if it’s now well-off target.  Here is how the May income breaks down:Continue Reading

Time in Pictures

Time…we all want more of it, but it’s the one thing that’s finite for all of us.  Consequently, how we use our time is of the utmost importance!  So today, in pictures, are a few time perspectives.  Enjoy :)


Time_1Continue Reading

5 Personal Characteristics That Will Serve You Well

Personal_Characteristics_3To make our way in life, it’s good to have the support of family and friends and also a healthy dose of luck to help us on our way. However, it’s equally, or even more important to look within ourselves for the characteristics which will support our progress and development through the years.

With this in mind, here are 5 Personal Characteristics that will serve you well.


Personal_Characteristics_1‘If it’s going to be, it has to be me!’ and ‘You can always rely on number one!’ are modern ways of stating our self-reliance. When the heat gets to be too much for all those around, can you rely on yourself to keep calm and keep going anyway?

Oftentimes, it’s not what happens to us, but how we react that causes us to lose faith and give-in to the problems and issues that come our way. In these situations we may look to others to help us out, but instead, why not rely on ourselves and keep going anyway?

This may seem challenging, but with each positive success, this personal characteristic grows and gets stronger so it becomes easier to challenge ourselves with bigger demands. In the longer term, realising and accepting that there is no ‘knight in shining armour’ waiting to rescue us will strengthen our resolve to achieve our goals ourselves.Continue Reading